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Where do you begin with smart lighting? For many, the answer is a smart hub. Add things like the Lutron Caseta or Leviton Decora Smart Lighting or Smart Plug-Ins. Plug-Ins allow you to control lamps, appliances, and more. The best way to get started is to speak with our team of smart home experts.


The Lutron Caseta Lighting Range of Products will make your home smarter and your life easier. They offer a variety of smart switches, smart remotes, and kits. Their Pico Smart Remotes are incredibly versatile and can be installed anywhere: on any wall with a cover plate (which looks like a normal switch), or in a switch box.

• Pico Smart Switches
• Pico Smart Remote for Dimmers
• Pico Smart Remote for Switches
• Pico Smart Remote for Fan Control

Some of the most popular Lutron Caseta items we can install for you include:

• Claro Smart Switch
• Claro Accessory Switch
• Diva Smart Dimmer Switch
• Original Smart Dimmer Switch
• Original Smart Switch for Light or Fan
• Original Smart Fan Speed Control Switch
• Outdoor Smart Plug
• Smart Hub

There are a variety of kits you can purchase which bundle several items, such as a switch or dimmer, a remote, and a wall-plate adapter; there are also kits available that include hubs. Add a hub and control your Caseta products from your phone or smart speaker. Please inquire with your Wilcox professional team as to what items or kits will best suit your family’s needs.

The Leviton Decora Smart Lighting line makes it easy for homeowners to control lighting from anywhere. For efficiency, security, and convenience, these products work on multiple levels.

How Leviton Decora Smart Lighting Works

Using Wi-Fi, Decora Smart Lighting gives homeowners the control they want – whether they’re at home or away. Install Decora Smart Lighting products to:

• Control your home’s lighting from anywhere using your tablet, computer, or smartphone.
• Create an automated schedule to turn lighting on or off
• Integrate lighting with sensors and cameras

Your lighting can be controlled with a number of compatible Hubs, or even without a Smart Hub – all you need is Wi-Fi; you can control lighting with your voice using Alexa, Echo, or similar voice-enabled devices. Please consult with your Wilcox Professional to learn about the options for the set-up and control of your lighting.

Leviton Decora Smart Lighting Products

Smarten up your home with popular products such as:

• Smart Switches (Smart Mini Plug-in Switch, Smart Switch, Anywhere Smart Switch Companion)
• Smart Dimmer Switches (Smart Dimmer Switch, Anywhere Smart Dimmer Switch Companion, Smart Voice Dimmer with Amazon Alexa Built-in)
• In-Wall Smart Outlet
• Smart Fan Speed Controller
• 4-Button Smart Scene Controller

Benefits Of Leviton Decora Smart Lighting

You’ll enjoy Decora’s options. Just like Leviton’s regular switches, Smart Switches come in multiple colors and options that provide a variety of functions, enabling you to control your Decora Smart Lighting remotely.

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Installing effective smart lighting requires the assistance of a trained electrician. It all begins with making sure your lighting choices are compatible, and that your home is wired correctly. If you’re ready to make your home smarter, GET IN TOUCH WITH US today and we’ll get back to you!

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