Electrical Power Where It's Needed

Many times, an older home will have fewer circuits than we now require with our 21st-century demands for electricity. Getting the main electrical service upgraded and running new electrical circuits through the house can sufficiently modernize these older electrical systems.

Many household appliances require a dedicated electrical circuit that runs from the electrical panel directly to the appliance concerned.

This applies to dishwashers, microwaves, washer/dryers, and A/C units, among others.

If you are installing anything that will require its own dedicated circuit, you are going to need an experienced electrician.

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"Wilcox did a heavy-up - an electrical panel upgrade - at my home on Monday, Oct. 5th. I cannot say how pleased I was with Wilcox from start to finish in scheduling the work and in their responding promptly to my many questions. Nelson Rivas and his assistant arrived exactly on time for the job which took about five hours. They were completely professional and communicative throughout. Any anxiety I had about the work was quickly dispelled and that they were so friendly and helpful was invaluable. I have used Wilcox for many years and my gratification with them has been confirmed time and time again. My special thanks to Nelson. He is a great guy!"
RJ, Angi

Work Completed: Electrical Upgrade

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