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Electrical Safety Assessment

file8701271603244Wilcox Electric offers a value-priced Electrical Safety Assessment to identify, if present, the most common electrical hazards.

Why Conduct an Electrical Safety Assessment?
Safety and Increased Efficiency of the Electrical System.

We’d like to provide one example of why our Electrical Assessment is such a good idea. A loose connection in electrical wiring is a leading cause of fire. We will look for loose connections in the electrical panel and in outlets throughout the property (the most common locations for such hazards). How does a loose connection develop? Electrical wiring expands and contracts as panel and/or termination points may deteriorate. Such loose connections need immediate repair in order to prevent potentially serious problems from developing.

To improve the functioning of your electrical system, we will perform the following:

  • Check the electrical service panel and wiring
  • Tighten screws and lugs on circuit breakers to ensure proper functioning
  • Apply Noalox on branch circuits’ aluminum wires
  • Check for double-tapped breakers to eliminate overloading a circuit breaker
  • Ensure that the panel’s main breaker size does not exceed the size of the SEC cable entering the property
  • Check all outlets with a tester looking for loose connections, open grounds, neutral wires, and proper polarity
  • Test/inspect GFCI outlets and breakers
  • Survey for proper surge protection
  • Check smoke detectors and make recommendations, if necessary, for full compliance with local electrical codes

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